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Nilesh Patel, MD

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As a board-certified otolaryngologist in New York, NY, Dr. Patel helps New York City patients get the treatment they need for both simple and complex head and neck disorders so they can enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Head & Neck Disorders Q & A

What is an otolaryngologist?

An otolaryngologist (also called an ear, nose and throat doctor) is a physician skilled in the medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the ears, nose and throat, as well as other structures of the head and neck. Dr. Patel is a board-certified otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon with special, advanced training in conditions affecting the head and neck.

What head and neck conditions does Dr. Patel treat?

Dr. Patel is trained in providing diagnostic and treatment procedures for many types of head and neck diseases and disorders, including:

  • Bell's palsy

  • facial injuries and issues

  • nasal injuries and issues

  • neck and throat injuries and issues

  • thyroid conditions

  • sinus headaches

  • swallowing disorders

  • head and neck tumors

What is involved in an office exam?

First, Dr. Patel will take a complete personal and family health history and review all your symptoms to gain a better understanding of your risk factors as well as causes of your symptoms. Next, he'll gently palpate your throat and look inside your mouth, ears and nose. He or his office staff may also measure your blood pressure or take your temperature. Depending on your symptoms, he may take a throat culture to test for germs that could be causing a sore throat; perform a quick, simple procedure to remove built-up earwax; use a flexible scope to look inside your sinuses; or perform other diagnostic evaluations to help determine the cause of your symptoms. He may also order lab work such as blood tests or diagnostic imaging to determine the potential causes. When allergies are suspected, he may discuss the option of using skin tests to determine the substances causing allergic reactions. Once the cause is determined, Dr. Patel will discuss your treatment options and plan out a program of care based on your unique needs.

See some of our patient reviews about diagnosing and treating head & neck disorders below.

"Dr. Patel saw me for a last-minute appointment to evaluate a sinus condition which was getting worse by the hour. He was thorough, efficient, and kind and I was relieved and grateful to have been seen and treated without any prior history." -S.L. (ZocDoc)

"I have been plagued with sinus issues since I was a child, as I've grown up it consistently got worse. I finally decided to go back to an ENT & Dr. Patel was amazing! Him and his assistant quickly took my history and began the dreaded sinus examination. He was gentle, kind, and precise. We came up with a plan of action immediately (allergy testing & a CT scan which his assistant helped me with) and I was on my way. I had my follow up with him today & I really appreciated how he suggested to exhaust all other options before having surgery (which most doctors I've been to always push). He is an amazing ENT who made sure I understood all the results and options moving forward. His staff is pleasant and efficient as well. Plus the office is beautiful! I will absolutely recommend him to anyone with sinus / ear nose & throat issues." -K.W. (ZocDoc)

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