5 Signs Your Thyroid Is Off

 5 Signs Your Thyroid Is Off

Is your body experiencing some changes that seem to be random and unconnected but are affecting your daily life? Are you suddenly cold all the time? On the other hand, even though you haven’t changed the thermostat, you seem to be undergoing a heat wave. 

You could have thyroid disease. Board-certified otolaryngologist Nilesh Patel, MD, treats many cases of thyroid disease, helping return your body’s functioning to a steady state.  

What is my thyroid and what does it do?  

Your thyroid is a gland near the front of your neck that surrounds your trachea, or windpipe. This special gland produces hormones that regulate many bodily functions and systems, including your metabolism, body temperature, heart rate, energy level, and more. 

Sometimes your thyroid gland doesn’t work as it should, producing an excessive amount of hormones or not enough. Your body experiences dramatic changes when your thyroid is under or overactive.  

Following are five common symptoms of thyroid disease. 

A lump in your neck 

Both sides of your neck should appear the same when you look in the mirror. If you see a bump along the side of your neck near the front it’s important to get it checked right away. Dr. Patel performs tests to rule out the possibility of any cancerous nodules in your thyroid. A lump in your neck often signals either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, meaning your thyroid isn’t producing enough hormones or conversely, producing too much. 

Unexplained change in weight 

Are you gaining or losing weight and can’t understand why? Unexplained weight gain is a common symptom of hypothyroidism, meaning your thyroid gland isn't’ producing an adequate amount of hormones. Since the gland regulates your metabolism, your body slows down since you’re not receiving enough thyroid hormone. 

Conversely, are you losing weight even though you can’t seem to eat enough? Do you always feel on edge and anxious? You may have hyperthyroidism; your body is producing too much thyroid hormone.  

Change in energy level 

Have you experienced a significant change in your energy level? Perhaps you always feel tired now. It’s hard to get through the day. These are symptoms of hypothyroidism. On the other hand, maybe you’re always restless, have trouble sleeping, and feel irritable or anxious. You may be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Your body is producing too much thyroid hormone. 

Feeling too hot or too cold 

Has your house suddenly become too hot or cold? Are you wearing short sleeves in the winter or bundling up even when it’s 70 degrees? When your metabolism slows with hypothyroidism, you’ll feel colder than normal. When hyperthyroidism speeds up your metabolism, you’ll sweat easily.

Abnormal hair loss 

Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s distressing to experience abnormal hair loss. Too much hair is coming off onto your brush when you style your hair. Both over and underproduction of thyroid hormone can cause excessive hair loss. Don’t worry. When Dr. Patel starts treatment, your hair is going to grow back. 

Treatment for thyroid disease

Dr. Patel advises you on recommended treatment for your type of thyroid disease. Often, thyroid disease can be managed with medication. Sometimes your thyroid needs to be removed; thyroidectomy is a common procedure. Afterward, you’ll take thyroid replacement hormone long term. 

It’s important to be attuned to any change in your body’s systems. Call the office of Nilesh Patel, MD or book a same-day appointment online if you’re experiencing any ear, nose, throat, head or neck problems.  

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